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tv   Anderson Cooper 360  CNN  October 13, 2010 2:00am-3:00am EDT

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miner came up whichas wonderful, amazing and exciting and great news for his family and friends. but it was great news for the family and friends of the other miners because it proved that this theory that a capsule could bring a human being being up out of the ground worked. indeed it did work. now the feeling among the other family members is that they soon will see their loved ones too. the fourth miner is expected up in the next 15 minutes. he is carlos mamani solis. he is not chilean but he is from bolivia. he told his family he does not want to go back into mining. i will tell you that you will have more of these remaining 32 miners who also make that decision not to go back into
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mining. as i am talking, the wheel is spinning. i call it the wheel of good fortune. keep in mind this happened about 700 miles north of the call tall and for 17 days no one noo knew if the men were alive. one of the questions is did you think the world forgot about you. but then a probe was inserted and they attached a note that said they. >> all fine and the race began to get them out safely and now we are in the middle of it and so far so good. >> the first phase very much underway. but i'm curious about the miners who are ahead. the authorities said in advance that they would bring up the health yest miners first and th
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there would be a second group that were less probust. we will start seeing some of them, too, aren't we? >> reporter: we are. the significance of the first couple of rides up, particularly the first. they didn't know exactly -- they thought it would go well. let's make no mistake about that. they did a test run and it went well. they were not sure what would happen. if it would bounce against the mine, if it would spin around, if it would make people discombobulated. that's why they wanted the healthy people to ride first. then they will start bringing up the people who need to get up quick and those include two men, one who has diabetes and one who has typer tension. the weaker of them. nobody there is weak. they survived 68 days. and then they will bring up the rest of them. the last one will be coming up is the captain of the ship.
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he is not going down with the ship because everything is good but he will be the last one. >> the faces of the families, the faces of the miners are indelible. they will be in our memories forever. but the capsule itself looks like a small makeshift market and it looks like it's getting bumped around badly. are they having trouble with the door or with the capsule in any particular way? >> they did say before they brought back anybody that they had a little trouble with the door of the capsule. nothing serious. they said it was nothing serious then and obviously it has been nothing serious because they have been able to bring up the miners. you talk about it looking like a rocket, it looks like it is sitting on a launch pad ready to take off. it is going down the center of the earth. sit a surreal sight.
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this is a breaking news story that will continue for 30 to 36 hours. we will have the rescues continuing throughout the day on wednesday and probably early into thursday, too. hopefully when it's all over, we will have 33 very happy families and a happy world community. everyone on earth is watching this. >> as we are talking to gary, a reminder that three of the miners have been brought up safely. a fourth will be up soon, his name is carlos mamani solis. i am curious from what we know about the donations made to the men, about the lawsuit that is pending and the opportunities they may have for books or movies, whether any of them will ever have to go back into a mine again or whether this dramatic exit is the last time these men will ever be underground. >> reporter: jonathan, i wouldn't mind writing the screen play to this. it's a great story. i can tell you that a lot of the
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family has been blunt about it and they expect that these weeks of suffering that the loved ones have had can result in financial gain. some said they will not do interviews unless they are paid for them. we do not pay for interviews so we are hoping for free ones but they are very blunt. they are hoping to get something for the suffering. >> we were told in all of this, and it is really sinmatic as we have been watching this unfold that it would be the opposite that cameras would be barred from the scene that we wouldn't see the miners and they would be kept out of the public eye. and the chilean government seems to be putting on quite a show. why has the government been so good about responding to the world's enormous curiosity about these men? >> jonathan, i think the transparency is notable. we always like to see it. it's wonderful.
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>> gary, thanks very much. >> you know, those capsules have carried three miners to the surface. i want to get a bit more background on those men who come to the surface. >> the first miner rescued was florencio avalos and he has been the camera man. he has been supplying the videos of the miners thought the months. he is one of the healthiest and
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one of the fittest in case there were any problems coming up. let's have a look at the neck person who was to come up. this was really quite a character. let me bring this up a little bit more. 40 years of age from santiago, he was the spokesman and the joker, his name is mario sepulveda and apparently his wife is an accountant and while waiting at the camp she was filling out tax returns for peop people. he presented parts of the mine to his rescuers. another person who was rescued. he is 5 2 years of age. haze name is juan illanes palma and he was brought up just over an hour ago.
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among his accomplishments was fighting in the conflict with argentina. we know his letters to his wife were full of humor and optimism. while we don't want to jump the gun, the person we are talking about bringing up now is the only bo livian, carlos mama mamani solis. and he has the president of his country has promised to help him after his rescue. we are looking at pictures now, live pictures of the family watching and waiting for his release, which should be coming up within the next few minutes. as we have been saying, this has been going like clock work. not to jinx it but it has been going according to plan so far. >> we are looking at live
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pictures. as we wait for the fourth miner to come to the surface and it has been extraordinary, the wormd watching. we have received lots of tweets and postings from people all around the world on facebook. this has been a story that more than many that we have covered certainly in recent time has really -- here we go. here he is making it to the surface. just listen. [ applause ] he is also all of the other miners from chile, he is the soul bolivian who has sworn he will not return as a miner. >> as we watch all of this, we have seen the faces of these miners and many of them are
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middle-aged men. they have been in the mines and had more of their shares of adventures and mishaps in the dangerous line of work. this man, carlos mamani solis is 21 years old and certainly one of the least experienced. this was all very new to him. extodaynarily and suffered as bad as things can get underground and stimsurvived and survive he has. he is rescued miner number four about to emerge from the fenix capsule. there is a woman and the president of chile awaiting his arrival. >> his own president of bolivia has promised that he. these are very difficult times. all of the world's attention as they come to the surface.
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i woultd suspect this wont be the case for these gentlemen. it is a very difficult time for them. the ordeal is not over at this point ichlt will continue. >> this is probably the most famous mining town in the world now and camp hope, the informal community set up around it. his sister is watching on the left of your screen from bolivia as well. each one of the men is coming up with a different look on their face and a different physical postu posture. no smiles so far. just a sense of fatigue. >> but look at that. seeing different types of personalities. extroverts and invo tro verts.
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there he is. a big hug. fantastic to see the families reunited after two months apart. they have watched and waited for their loved ones to come to the surface. here they are now. we are witnessing this all across the globe. >> if you are just joining us you probably know what you are seeing. miners trapped under ground. you are looking at the fourth of the miners now breathing fresh air and seeing his loved ones for the first time in more than two months. that's the president who has made this a very personal campaign. he has been involved in a very personal way putting his popularity on the line to draw the whole nation into the rescue effort. it is succeeded by any measure and probably more so than many
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people might have hoped. >> what happens now, he is wearing these glasses that they all will need to wear when they come to the surface to protect their eyes having been underground for 68 days. they will be scrutinized. to make sure all their vital signs pan out the way they should. it's a first time. so many have stayed underground for this length of time. so these men are really, in essence, a study for a lot of scientists. and obviously raisers. thee men are coming up looking remarkably well considering everything they have been through. there was some concern that the
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journey would be an ordeal. there was concern that the men would grow nauseous. and the men seem to have. is how hardy all of them look. tough miners or in this case a tough young bolivian. looking remarkably well for men who spent so much time wondering if they would even survive.
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of course we will start to see all their stories unfold. all 33 stories as we watched his extodaynary position unfold. >> if you are watching from home, do sit down and get something to eat. >> this is really human drama unfolding before our eyes. it will probably go on for another 19 or 20 hours as the tube, the capsule descends back into the mine and is brought back up again. this will be done over and over again through the night. by the light of the moon. perfect weather. weather permitting this will go on through the night and into the day with miners emerging most hours to start their lives again. >> of course you mention the
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reaction across the globe. it is like watching a thriller unfold. it's a nail biter all across the globe. we do want to check out the videos. there are a lot of other things going on. we have this just in. iranians president has just arrived in lebanon. now it is a controversial visit seen as a boost for key ally hezbollah and the trip will take him close to the border of israel so we are keeping a very close eye on that story. >> of course our gaze never shifts for long from chile where the fourth miner has just been rescued after 69 days underground. >> that's right. four are aboveground now and they will continue to pull these men out until the very last is pulled to the surface and we will be with them for the whole journey. don't go away.
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there are about 1500 members of the media in the mine area. from 39 different countries. so there is enormous interest in this story. >> that's right. this is a real life drama. a lot of people have been glued to their television sets. rescue mission as the headline from the times. and at the independent, here is a huge picture of the mine saying the dawn of hope. there has been reaction coming in from around the world in washington d.c. the chilean ambassador celebrated with a bottle of
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champagne when the first miner came up and was rescued. and president obama also came out with comments. he came out with a statement that said our thoughts and prayers are with the brave miners, their families and the men and won who have been working so hard to rescue them. the rescue is far from over and difficult work remains, we pray that the miners will be able to emerge safely and return to their families soon. we are proud of all the americans who have been working to do everything that we can to bring these miners home. >> what her reaction was when she saw the first miner being rescued. here is what she had to say.
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>> we have had i reports coming from from all over. i can say that here in london, my own mother stayed up all night to watch this drama unfold. there is definitely a lot of people watching and happy that the miners have finally been rescued. >> and so four miners have been
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rescued. 29 are still underground. the saga of the 33 men and their rescue efforts has captivated all of us. we invite you to join us as we witness their final rescue. share your experience as you watch it live with us. shoot a video and upload it. the assignment is on the web so go check it out and be part of really what is a worldwide experience. the rescue effort continues in chile. four men are already up in a scene that you really can't describe, you have to see it but their faces were glowing. and still the path is busy. traffic going up and down. a fifth man will be on his way soon. >> a good feel story. the world is watching and we will continue to do the same. don't go anywhere. we will continue after this.
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>> we are continuing to cover this rescue story from chile. i want to take a look at the first four men who have come out of the mine. and the first one out was florencio and his knowledge will be helpful in getting the other men out. that was just a few hours ago now. you would remember he is from san diego and he marked his 40th birthday last week inside the
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mine. so you will never forget turning 40. he had become a spokesman for the group appearing on camera, the videos sent to the surface. very much the extrovert. and 52-year-old juan illanes game up third. and then the fourth man just witnessed him coming to the surface, carlos mamani solis. he is 23 years oeltd and the only non-chilean. he worked in the mine five days prior to the collapse. he has sworn he never wants to go down into another mine ever again. >> and the fifth mineler be the youngest in the group.
2:25 am
>> the first time crews managed to establish an audio connection. and just a few weeks later -- we got this video after rescuers managed to send in food, water, and fresh clothing. high spirits despite living in a tiny chamber. and just a few hours ago, none of us will forget this. we saw mario sepulveda right after his release. the man moves like a rock star. he was high fiving everyone. giving bear hugs to the rescuers and the president, too.
2:26 am
he looked thrilled to be free of the mine. remarkably robust. >> just incredible. as we saw mario sepulveda was lively and upbeat. then he was whisked off to a medical triage area for evaluations. >> when you are looking at something like post-traumatic stress i know we are really curious and excited but it's important they follow the lead of the miner. some may want to talk and some
2:27 am
may not want to talk. it is similar to talking to veterans who have combat related ptsd. how important is it for this group of 33 to remain in a sense together once they go back to their regular lives and as they sort of process all of this? i mean to what extent is that group experience and relationship going be important moving forward? >> i think it will depend. who knows what that was really like. nobody else can fully get it. i think the power of being among people who really get it like any other support group, right? people who really get it. they have been there. >> dr. bloom's family is from chile and and she says sit gratifying to watch the country deal with this crisis. >> let's talk about the miners. how will they feel when they breathe fresh air again.
2:28 am
more on what is literally a change in atmosphere. one of the things we saw was steam rising out of the rescue shaft as the temperature areas converged. i guess it will feel suddenly like it is winter. >> it will definitely feel quite different. the steam is condensation coming from the ground where temperatures have been between 30 and 33 degrees and when the air travels up towards a cooler surface, you get condensation. temperatures have been running 30, 33 degrees. correct me if i am wrong. the depth is 620 meters. i want to talk about the pressure. roughly about 15% higher than sea level. once we see the capsules climbing up, things start to change and they move about 3 kilometers per hour. that is close to a standard elevator. now the capsule weighs roughly 450 kilograms.
2:29 am
four meters and 54 centimeters. their ears are popping as they make their way to the surface. and 8 to 13 degrees especially when you are dealing with elevation of 850 meters. that's actually changed the pace of those capsules descending. ascending it comes up faster.
2:30 am
roughly 10 to 15 minutes. we have the wench that helps pull the capsule up. the winds and visibility will be flying the miners to the hospital. thewet ser going be nice for the next three days. temperatures will climb roughly to 23 degrees. i can't tell you this, it looks like lit be dry, sunny and thewet ser going cooperate for the next three days. we have actually put
2:31 am
together an. it shows how the 33 miners are being pulled out and how that rescue capture works. so explore it all at >> four men are up, 29 are still below but the operation is proceeding and you can see happy faces across homes around the world. a rescue operation that involved some 1,000 people is succeeding the men are all coming out. >> and not many times that we get to cover good news stories. this is a great story for us to be watching, for the world to be watching. keep your comments coming into us. we want to know what you are thinking and feeling at this time. stay with us. [ advisor 1 ] what do you see yourself doing one week,
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so. the world is watching and so are we. welcome back. >> we want to welcome viewers in the united states and around the world joining us as we use the global resources to capture just about everything we can about an extraordinary and historic operation. >> we want to get an update. let's turn to gary who is live from the san jose mine in chile. it has been extraordinary watching these four men now come
2:34 am
to the surface. still 29 underground. >> there. >> that word is euphoria. we were talking through the break. the fact is when we do, they are usually feature story. this is a hard news breaking news story. absolutely good news so far and we anticipate it staying that. at least that's what we're hoping. when it turns counter clock wise we have learned that it is going down pick up another miner. sit coming back up. it takes 15 minutes once it has
2:35 am
picked up a miner. deliver the miners safely to earth after being 750 meters below for 68 days. the longest anybody has ever survived underground. never happened before in the mining industry that people have survived that long. this is an ingenius plan. they didn't know for two and a half weeks. they didn't know that anybody thought they were alive any more. that's what plan b was. now it is where the chilean flag is. that's where they are pulling people up. four up, 9 to go and we are now waiting for miner number five.
2:36 am
>> gary, the important thing is the youngest miner coming to the surface, an 18-year-old. he has had a few troubles. he has had a few problems to deal with. >> he can't wait to come back up and have his mother's cooking again. it has been tough for him. there is no one close to his age. it has been a difficult situatio situation. can you imagine the feeling no mat whaer your job is. psychological trauma the men must have gone through. when they found out that people involved were still looking for them and they were able to
2:37 am
communicate that they were still alive, the hope they had and the hope result. >> i want to have a look at what's going on here. we have got family members waiting -- if we can get a little more information on what's going on here in this picture. >> we are looking at the reunion room that has been set up. surrounded by the president and his epeople. the government has set aside quarters for them to meet with larger groups of their family. it looks like an awkward reunion in front of cameras but there have been so many television cameras that right now, this miner is not getting a whole lot of privacy.
2:38 am
he looks like he is resting in the company of his family while we watch. >> we have the possibility of being able to face things in life like we have just faced. i have faced many situations but i think this was the hardest but i am so happy that it happened to me because i think that it was a time to make changes many changes have to be made. we can't stay like we are. i think that business people have to help. changes can be made as to workers. things cannot stay the way they are. i think changes must take place for workers so there awill be
2:39 am
workers. we cannot stay where we are. i was with god and i was with the devil. but god won. i held on. i never doubted that got would get me out of there. once we found out there were such extraordinary people as there were up there working to get us out, another thing that's very important i always trusted
2:40 am
him because i know he is a great business man. i think what he has done has done -- he has done it with great effort. based on the effort that he has exercised. his wealth if we can call it that. he has earned it i am proud to have the government that we have today. very proud of the chilean workers, the people who worked he here, i am very proud. i will never stop being grateful for what he has done for us.
2:41 am
i think he is extraordinary. the chilean professionals, the doctors, the psychologists, unbelievable. they gave us back our lives. it's incredible that there we were down 700 meters and they recovered us. we used our miners hearts and our experience as miners but everything else the professionals are the ones who contribute contributed. the professionals who do all of th this, the advertising, tv, the only thing i ask for on the personal level is to please don't treat us as newspaper
2:42 am
people or artists. i want to be treated as mario sepulveda, a worker. that's what i want. i want to continue to work because i think i was born to die tied to the anvil. i believe i was brought up in a beautiful way with two old people in the 7th region. we were going call her that name but we called her something e e else.
2:43 am
life has given me beautiful things. i have had a rough time and learned wonderful things. i have taken the good path in life. to those of you who have the possibility of being at home and love their husbands, their wives, do it. those of you have who have the possible of talking to your spouse before you do things you shouldn't do or husband or who is going do things he shouldn't do, before doing this, before you do it you have got talk. love is the most beautiful thing in the world. the love of a parent is the most beautiful thing. i'm very happy for all the beautiful things you have done for us. i'm so happy. really i am filled with emotion.
2:44 am
it's good to be back up here and i'm going live a long, long time to have a new beginning with my son. my dear wife who has not let go of me since i came to the surface and my daughter and son whom i love so much. thank you very much. thank you. >> a few remarkable words of faith and philosophy and gratitude from mario se pull s. >> and he is saying he is going live a long time with his son, his daughter, his wife. he loves them. he said love is just the most beautiful thing. he gave a little bit of advice to men to think about their wives and maybe think twice about doing anything they shouldn't. and he said the love of a parent there is nothing like it.
2:45 am
and he said he didn't want to be treated differently. he said i am a miner and he wants to go back into the mine unlike other miners. >> when we first went to him, when we realized he was giving this address, he said things have to change for the workers. the majority of the families have already signalled that they intend to sue the mining company. these miners are cheerful but their families are angry and they are seeking redress and we got a sense of that in hearing this man, mario sepulveda as we heard this man speaking to a worldwide audience and quite comfort wbl that roll and enjoying his opportunity to say a few things now that he can talk to the world and he is no longer underground. >> and he made the comments about the mine and the conditions for miners but he was very clear in pointing out the trust that he had in his
2:46 am
government. he spoke very highly of the professionals that have helped in this. the doctors and psychologists. he said they have given him back his life. given the 33 miners back their lives. they talked them through the whole ordeal from day one to day 68 he is clearly the smokesman for this group of men and i think we will see a lot more of him. >> we are looking now at the fifth man who is still waiting to come up. this would be jimmy sanchez, the youngest of the trapped miners. extraordinary access.
2:47 am
you are looking at live pictures as it is preparing to go up the rescue shaft. one point to make as we do the math on who has kol up, four men have come up but an equal number were to decent by now so there are still 33 men underground, four of them volunteers who chose to go underground as res queue workers. four have already been freed from their ordeal. >> and the four volunteers have the advantage on their side. they haven't been trapped underground. this young fellow, the 18-year-old who will be the fifth miner brought to the
2:48 am
surface. his girlfriend, she told us that he fears the dark. he doesn't like confined spaces. >> as you sigh he didn't like it down there. he has had more than his share. >> and apparently his girlfriend said also that he was concerned about the spirits of dead miners. he has not enjoyed one part of
2:49 am
these 68 days. the other men went about their routines and found a way to move forward. this 18-year-old did as well but he had many more demons to confront. >> as public as this process has been and as incredibly intimate, some of the miners chose not to be as vocal or as available as the others. we are still waiting to hear the fullest story of what those men did and how they interacted through their long ordeal. it has been a story of remarkable resiliency but we haven't heard the whole story. now they will have the chance to tell the story more fully. we are waiting for the fifth man to rise up. >> lit be interesting when jimmy comes to the surface. all of these men we have seen different types of personalities come to the surface and deal with this in different ways. we are watching this now as the
2:50 am
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welcome back. you are looking at the ongoing rescue effort at camp hope. that's probably the most famous copper mine in the world, copiapo probably the most famous mining town. four of the miners are now aboveground. 29 are still waiting far chan i chance to leave as well. this is jimmy sanchez, he is in the capsule called fenix waiting to be brought to the surface. the world has never seen anything like this. that mine has been operating since the late 1800s, part of a lining complex that produces around 1200 tons of copper every
2:54 am
year. the mine has been linked to several fatal accidents in the past. it is operated by a local company though most of the country's copper is extracted by foreign kmacompanies. chile is the world's top copper producer. the men trapped underground among the thousands who toil without similar fame in a very dangerous line of work. >> we have been flooded with tweets and facebook posts on the mine rescue. here is an example of what has been coming in to us. let's go south africa. goose bumps all over. wonderful scenes coming from from chile. let's see james in egypt. i want one of the rocks from the
2:55 am
mine. i have a feeling that they are blessed. i suspect, james, you are right. some said it wouldn't be success but it is. and yes it is. let's go to the philippines now. so happy for them. 30 to go. 29 now this was a little earlier. the whole world is watching. i hope he brought rocks toorks. this just gives you an idea. everyone wants a souvenir in the form of the marks that mario brought up. and that is just an idea of what's coming into us. so many tweets and postings, john. be sure to check out some of the interactive sources.
2:56 am
you can find this and more at we're going take another short break. the capsule is bringing the youngest of the miners. it's going up, disappearing on its way up to the surface. we will see the youngest, he is 18 years old. he has had a lot of problems down underground. we will get a taste of how he feels once he gets to the surface. we will continue to cover this story. don't go anywhere. [ male announcer ] this is steven, a busy man. his day starts with his arthritis pain. that's breakfast with two pills. the morning is over, it's time for two more pills. the day marches on, back to more pills.
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and when he's finally home... but hang on; just two aleve can keep arthritis pain away all day with fewer pills than tylenol. this is steven, who chose aleve and 2 pills for a day free of pain. and get the all day pain relief of aleve in liquid gels. >> we will continue into this next hour covering this story, a fascinating story that has got the world pinned to their tv screens and computers as we watch the men come to the
2:58 am
surface. >> the wench tells the story. another miner is on his way up. we will be back in a moment with the latest.
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